If you grew up in the days before the internet, it's absolutely staggering to think of all the ways that mobile technology has changed our lives (and mostly for the better).

Remember when you had to pay for long distance telephone calls?  That's mostly a thing of the past.  In under a minute, you can install any number of messenger apps, most of which offer VOIP capabilities and make calls to just about anywhere for nothing.

Today's youngsters might not believe this, but many of us remember a time when if we didn't want to listen to the radio, our only musical option was to head home to our beloved record player and vinyl albums.

A bit later we got the 8-track and not long after that, the cassette tape which was later supplanted by the CD. Today, you can have access to literally millions of songs on your mobile device.  It is even better that the days of needing an entire wall devoted to your record/tape/CD collection are gone.  Every song you can imagine is digital these days.  You can even find apps that will add the "vinyl scratchiness" sound to your music if you miss it!

The same thing goes for movies.  There is no need for piles of VHS tapes or Blu-Ray discs.  Streaming services are plentiful and you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows literally anywhere that you can get a signal on your mobile device. That is, of course, virtually anywhere.

It's not just fun and games that have changed though.  Mobile technology has forever changed how the world works, and we got to put that to the test during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Tens of millions of people fled home and worked from there, as often as not on their trusty laptop computers.

When you're traveling for business, between your smartphone and your laptop, you can stay in constant contact with everyone you work with. You can get real, meaningful work done on the road.  That wasn't always possible in the earliest days of the internet, but mobile devices and our internet infrastructure have come such a long way now that both are easily done.

It's impossible to say where mobile technology will take us next, but one thing you can be sure of is that there are more benefits to be had that we haven't even dreamed of yet.  Mobile technology has made life more convenient in almost too many ways to count!

Used with permission from Article Aggregator